Ballinteer Church

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Parish Finance Committee

In accordance with diocesan regulations the Parish Finance Committee is an advisory committee assisting the Parish Priest by clarifying the issues and making recommendations so that he is fully aware of all aspects of parish finances when making any particular decision.

The Finance Committee advises and assists the Parish Priest in managing the parish finances, preparing annual budgets and accounts, fund-raising, and maintenance of parish property.

Our Finance Advisory Committee comprises of 5 members including the Priests of the Parish The role of the Committee is to:

Bullet point      Assist the Parish Priests in overseeing and managing the financial affairs of the Parish.

Bullet point      Review the Annual Appeal Report.

Bullet point      Review the audited accounts of the Parish finances.

Bullet point      Consider proposals for renovations and maintenance of Parish buildings and facilities.

Bullet point      Make recommendations on the behalf of tax relief schemes for the benefit of the Parish.

The Parish Finance committee may be contacted through the Parish Office at 01-499 4203.

The members of the Parish Finance Committee are:
Bullet point    Fr. Liam Belton, P.P.
Bullet point    Jimmy Finlay, Chairperson
Bullet point    Colman Nolan, Secretary
Bullet point    Mary Moore
Bullet point    Michael O'Connor

Parish Office Opening Hours 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday