Ballinteer Church

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Parish Groups

All Groups can be contacted through the Parish Office Telephone No. 01-499 4203

1. Care of the Church
  - Altar Society
      (Care and Cleaning of the Church)
  - Flower Arrangers
  - Gardening Group
  - Catering for Parish Events

2. Parish Support
  - Parish Office
  - Finance Group
  - Parish Website
  - Repository Shop
  - Parish Newsletter

3. Music (Click here for more details)
  - Ballinteer Male Voice Choir
  - St. John's Gospel Choir

4. Liturgy
  - Sacristy Team
  - Baptism Team
  - Altar Servers
  - Funeral Liturgy Team
  - Minsters of the Eucharist
  - Ministers of the Word
  - Aifrean Gaeilge

5. Prayer
  - Parish Cell Community (Click here for more details)
  - Eucharistic Adoration
  - Intercessory Prayer Team
  - Padre Pio Prayer Group (Click here for more details)
  - Morning Prayer Group

6. Children and Young People
  - Sacramental Preparation and Family Mass
  - Youth Club

7.Groups catering for people with specific needs in the Parish and beyond
  - Saint Vincent de Paul Society (Click here for more details)
  - Twinning
  - Saint Joseph's Young Priests Society (Click here for more details)
  - Legion of Mary and Patricians (Click here for more details)
  - Parish Visitation Group
  - Pioneer Total Abstinence Association
  - Faith and Light Community