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With the approval of the Archdiocese we negotiated a term loan of 650,000 in October 2010 over a period of twenty years. Consequently, our repayments will vary and it will be in the region of 3,660 per month. We wish to keep you informed of the progress & we are pleased to state that in July 2018 our loan balance has reduced to 222,252.00. This is due to the great generosity of our parishioners from our regular Church Door Outdoor Collections plus donations.

God Bless,

Fr Liam, P.P., Moderator.

19 Aug 2018

How much have we collected and repaid ?

- The Amount collected on Sunday 2nd September 2018 was 760.

- The opening Balance in August 2010 was 650,000.

- Monthly repayments to 17th July 2018: 547,225.00

- Outstanding Balance at 17th July 2018 - 222,252.00.

This page on the web site will be updated approximately every 3 months when we receive the Bank Statement.

We are due to receive the next statement at end of November 2018 when next update will take place.

Church Roof Under Repair July 2005

The dates for the Roof Fund Church Door Collections to December 2018 are listed below:

        (There will be collections at all Masses inc. Sat Vigil 6pm)

    - Sunday 7th October 2018

    - Sunday 4th November 2018

    - Sunday 2nd December 2018

Click here to read in detail about when the Roof Reconstruction first took place.

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