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Ministers Of The Word


Just as we need The Bread Of Life , so too do we need The Word Of God. Scripture is a source of great hope and light in times of darkness and sorrow. The Ministry Of the Word Of God is an important lay contribution to the life of the Church. Becoming a Reader will give you an opportunity to partake more fully in The Mass and you will also help your fellow parishioners towards a greater understanding of Scripture.

New Ministers are always welcome, and expertise in public speaking or top grades in elocution lessons are NOT required! What is needed is a commitment to your faith. Everything else comes from The Holy Spirit.

What's the point in being a Reader?
To heighten your spiritual awareness, to help learn more about your faith, and to gain an insight into the meaning of the sometimes obscure teachings contained in the Bible. You will gain a greater understanding of the Mass. You will come to appreciate the great wisdom contained within the pages of the Bible and this experience will help you to live your life according to God's teachings. By becoming a Reader at Mass, you will enhance the experience of those who listen.

Will there be any training?
If you wish, we can arrange a convenient time to explain the responsibility and honour which attaches to Reading at Mass. We will help you to prepare and understand the readings, how to deal with some of those strange and exotic names in the Bible, and we will explain the practicalities involved. You will get an opportunity to practice in the church.

Regular newsletters ensure that ongoing contact with the Readers Group is maintained, and these newsletters often contain hints and suggestions on Reading.
Through the structures of teams, leaders and coordinator, there will always be support available to you should you need it.

What commitment is required?
Normally you will read at one Mass on Sundays, and one evening Mass during the week. The Readers Group is divided into five rotating teams, so Readers are only required to read at Mass every five weeks . (However, you may occasionally be invited to stand in if other Readers are away.) You will be assigned to a team whose leader will ensure that you are kept informed of when you will read and provide any assistance you may need. If you are unable to read at a particular Mass you may phone your leader who will arrange a replacement.

And if you are having difficulty with any aspect of your ministry, take heart from the words St Paul wrote to the Corinthians:
Never give in then, my dear brothers and sisters, never admit defeat; keep on working at the Lord's work always, knowing that, in the Lord, you cannot be working in vain. 1 Corinthians, 15:54-58

Tips for readers