Ballinteer Church

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St John the Evangelist Banners

St. John the Evangelist Banners The two banners complement each other. You will notice that in the centre of the 2nd Banner (below) is the actual Scroll that St. John is holding in his left hand.
Also notice that the Quill in the 2nd Banner is now placed in the inkwell, whereas it is in St. John's right hand in the 1st Banner.


The tapestry of St John the Evangelist was woven and designed in Canada by Maison Bouvier who made the vestments for the Papal visit to Toronto in 2002. The banner represents St. John the Evangelist the author of the 4th Gospel and the beloved disciple at the Last Supper. The banner which includes the wheat and grapes is Eucharist-based. The scroll represents the Sacred Scripture.


The scripture passage chosen for the second banner reflects the new cross and window showing the glorification of the crucifixion in the gospel according to St. John and that this passage was used by Our Lord Himself as an explanation of what is to happen at His death on a cross. That it is by this very act that we are redeemed drawn into the life of God. You will notice this 2nd Banner to the right has the beautiful verse by St. John which written on the actual Scroll that is held in his left hand. Also notice that the quill is now placed in the inkwell whereas it is removed from the inkwell and St. John is holding it in the 1st banner.

"When I am lifted up from the earth, I shall draw all people to myself" John: 12V 32